On minimal log discrepancies

  title={On minimal log discrepancies},
  author={Florin Ambro},
  journal={Mathematical Research Letters},
  • Florin Ambro
  • Published 13 June 1999
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Research Letters
An explanation to the boundness of minimal log discrepancies conjectured by V.V. Shokurov would be that the minimal log discrepancies of a variety in its closed points define a lower semi-continuous function. We check this lower semi-continuity behaviour for varieties of dimension at most 3 and for toric varieties of arbitrary dimension. 
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Abstract We show the existence of prime divisors computing minimal log discrepancies in positive characteristic except for a special case. Moreover we prove the lower semicontinuity of minimal log
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In this article, we use the cone of nef curves to study minimal log discrepancies. The first result is an improvement of the nef cone theorem in the case of log Calabi-Yau dlt pairs. Then, we prove
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We show the semi-continuity property of minimal log discrepancies for varieties which have a crepant resolution in the category of Deligne-Mumford stacks. Using this property, we also prove the
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We generalize the rationality theorem of the accumulation points of log canonical thresholds which was proved by Hacon, M\textsuperscript{c}Kernan, and Xu. Further, we apply the rationality to the
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For a birational log Fano contraction, it is conjectured an inequality between the dimension of its exceptional locus and the minimal log discrepancy over the locus. The conjecture follows from the
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  • Joaqu'in Moraga
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    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2021
In this article, we prove a local implication of boundedness of Fano varieties. More precisely, we prove that $d$ -dimensional $a$ -log canonical singularities with standard
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We consider the following conjecture: on a klt germ (X,x), for every finite set I there is a positive integer N with the property that for every R-ideal J on X with exponents in I, there is a divisor


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Singularities of Pairs
These are the revised notes of my lectures at the 1995 Santa Cruz summer institute. Changes from the Jan.26,1996 version: Major: 7.1--2; Medium: 3.7, 3.11, 5.3.3, 7.9.2, 9.8.