On linear sets of points of fractional dimension

  title={On linear sets of points of fractional dimension},
  author={A. Besicovitch},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
  • A. Besicovitch
  • Published 1 December 1929
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematische Annalen
Dynamics of the scenery flow and conical density theorems
Conical density theorems are used in the geometric measure theory to derive geometric information from given metric information. The idea is to examine how a measure is distributed in small balls.Expand
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Ergodic Theory on Homogeneous Spaces and Metric Number Theory
  • D. Kleinbock
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  • Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
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Comparing Packing Measures to Hausdorff Measures on the Line
For each 0 < s < 1, define c(s) = inf E Ps(E) Hs(E) , where Ps, Hs denote respectively the s–dimensional packing measure and Hausdorff measure, and the infimum is taken over all the sets E ⊂ R with 0Expand
Operators with singular continuous spectrum, IV. Hausdorff dimensions, rank one perturbations, and localization
Although concrete operators with singular continuous spectrum have proliferated recently [7,11,13,17,34,35,37,39], we still don’t really understand much about singular continuous spectrum. In part,Expand
Hidden chaos factors inducing random walks as a factor restricting hospital operative efficiency
La Fuenfria Hospital (LFH) operative parameters such as: hospitalised patients; daily admissions and discharges were studies for the hospital as a whole, and per each Hospital's service unit (justExpand