On-line monitoring system for icing state of overhead transmission line


In this study, mechanical analysis was conducted on the icing load of transmission lines, and the calculation method for the icing thickness was discussed. The icing monitoring system has been developed, based on the measurement of some meteorological information, including wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, etc and axial tension of overhead transmission line, two-dimensional obliquity. By using GSM/GPRS network, data transmission was achieved between conductor monitoring terminal and central master station. The icing status was analyzed by the expert system software of master station, using relevant theoretical models, so that the deicing information could be provided promptly and the ice harm accidents could also be prevented effectively.

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@article{Nie2012OnlineMS, title={On-line monitoring system for icing state of overhead transmission line}, author={Shiguang Nie and Guangyu Qu and Haifeng Ye and Xiuchen Jiang}, journal={2012 Power Engineering and Automation Conference}, year={2012}, pages={1-5} }