On investigating GMRES convergence using unitary matrices

  title={On investigating GMRES convergence using unitary matrices},
  author={Jurjen Duintjer Tebbens and G{\'e}rard Meurant and Hassane Sadok and Zdenek Strakos},
For a given matrix A and right-hand side b, this paper investigates unitary matrices generating, with some right-hand sides c, the same GMRES residual norms as the pair (A, b). We give characterizations of this class of unitary matrices and point out the relationship with Krylov subspaces and Krylov residual subspaces for the pair (A, b). We investigate the eigenvalues of these unitary matrices in relation to the convergence behavior of GMRES for the pair (A, b) and describe the indispensable… CONTINUE READING

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