On higher-dimensional dynamics

  title={On higher-dimensional dynamics},
  author={Paul S. Wesson},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
  • P. Wesson
  • Published 17 May 2001
  • Physics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
Technical results are presented on motion in N(>4)D manifolds to clarify the physics of brane theory, Kaluza–Klein theory, induced-matter theory, and string theory. The so-called canonical or warp metric in five dimensions (5D) effectively converts the manifold from a coordinate space to a momentum space, resulting in a new force (per unit mass) parallel to the four-dimensional (4D) velocity. The form of this extra force is actually independent of the form of the metric, but for an unbound… 

Astrophysical implications of higher-dimensional gravity

We review the implications of modern higher-dimensional theories of gravity for astrophysics and cosmology. In particular, we discuss the latest developments of STM theory in connection with dark

About curvature, conformal metrics and warped products

We consider the curvature of a family of warped products of two pseduo-Riemannian manifolds (B, gB) and (F, gF) furnished with metrics of the form c2gB ⊕ w2gF and, in particular, of the type w2μgB ⊕

The Art of Technobabble

  • Andrew May
  • Education
    Fake Physics: Spoofs, Hoaxes and Fictitious Science
  • 2019
Science fiction authors often try to add a false air of credibility through the gratuitous use of scientific-sounding jargon. On the other hand, they rarely attempt to emulate the real language of

Dark Matter: the Problem of Motion

  • M. Kahil
  • Physics
    Gravitation and Cosmology
  • 2019
Equations of non-geodesic and non-geodesic deviations for different particles are obtained, using a specific type of classes of the Bazanski Lagrangian. Such type of paths has been found to describe

Classical Unified Field Theory of Gravitation and Electromagnetism

According to Noether's theorem, for every differentiable symmetry of action, there exists a corresponding conserved quantity. If we assume the stationary condition as a role of symmetry, there is a

3 5 D Christoffel Symbol and 5 D Ricci Tensor

According to Noether’s theorem, for every continuous symmetry of the action, there exists corresponding conserved quantity. If we assume the stationary condition as a role of symmetry, there is a

Paul Wesson and Space-Time-Matter Theory

A short scientific biography is given of physicist Paul Wesson (1949-2015), who published over 300 works encompassing the fields of astrobiology, astrophysics, geophysics, cosmology, and relativity;

Tachyons in Five-Dimensional Spacetime

We consider tachyons in five-dimensional spacetime with the canonical metric and the conformally-flat metric respectively. The four-dimensional effective cosmological constant Λ is calculated. The

Geodesics, Mass and the Uncertainty Principle in a Warped de Sitter Space-Time

We present the explicit solution to the geodesic equations in a warped de Sitter space-time proposed by Randall-Sundrum. We find that a test particle moves in the bulk and is not restricted on a

A class of cosmological solutions in induced matter theory with conformally flat bulk space

Some solutions of 5D conformally flat extension of induced-matter theory are derived. The corresponding induced matter solutions on the 4D hypersurfaces and their properties are presented.



Inflation and quantum cosmology.

The paper presents the following chapters: Chaotic inflation ― Self-reproducing inflationary universe ― Adjusting to the new paradigm: absence of cosmological constraints on the axion mass in the

The complete Sherlock Holmes long stories

Are Particle Rest Masses Variable? Theory and Constraints from Solar System Experiments

We consider the possibility that particle rest masses may vary in spacetime. According to arguments originated by Dicke, if this is the case various null experiments indicate that all masses vary in


We extend the induced-matter interpretation of Kaluza–Klein field theory to obtain the Klein–Gordon equation for a scalar particle. The motion of the particle is correctly recovered, and we give an

Wave Function of the Universe

A proposal for the wave function of the "ground state" or state of minimum excitation: the ground-state amplitude for a three-geometry is given by a path integral over all compact positive-definite four-geometries which have the three- geometries as a boundary.


To see how the effective 4-D mass of a particle is affected by the geometry of an ND space, we take the Klein–Gordon equation in 5-D and evaluate it in 4-D using two exact solutions of 5-D

Quantum dynamics of Kaluza-Klein theories

Some of the quantum properties of Kaluza-Klein theories are studied. The classical features of these theories are reviewed, and the quantization of the gravitational field in an arbitrary number of

The physical properties of charged five-dimensional black holes

We give a class of exact solutions of the five-dimensional (Kaluza - Klein) equations of general relativity, identify the mass and electric charge of the source and solve the geodesic equation for