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On fractional version of oriented coloring

  title={On fractional version of oriented coloring},
  author={Sandip Das and Soham Das and S. Prabhu and Sagnik Sen},
  • Sandip Das, Soham Das, +1 author Sagnik Sen
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
We introduce the fractional version of oriented coloring and initiate its study. We prove some basic results and study the parameter for directed cycles and sparse planar graphs. In particular, we show that for every ǫ > 0, there exists an integer gǫ ≥ 12 such that any oriented planar graph having girth at least gǫ has fractional oriented chromatic number at most 4+ ǫ. Whereas, it is known that there exists an oriented planar graph having girth at least gǫ with oriented chromatic number equal… Expand

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