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On five-dimensional contact solvmanifolds

  title={On five-dimensional contact solvmanifolds},
  author={Christopher D. Bock},
Every five-dimensional solvmanifold that cannot be written as a quotient of G5.2 by a lattice is contact. Throughout this note a manifold is assumed to be smooth, connected, oriented and to have no boundary. A contact manifold is a pair (M, ξ), where M is a (2n+1)-manifold, n ∈ N, and ξ can be locally written as ξ = kerα, where α ∈ Ω(M) is a differential 1form with αp ∧ (dα) n p 6= 0 for all p ∈ M . This implies that the structure group of the tangent bundle of M reduces to {1} × U(n), see [3… Expand


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Bock : On low - dimensional solvmanifolds
  • Asian J . Math .
  • 2016
An Introduction to Contact Geometry, Cambridge University
  • Christoph Bock Department Mathematik Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Cauerstraße
  • 2008