On finite generation of symbolic Rees rings of space monomial curves and existence of negative curves

  title={On finite generation of symbolic Rees rings of space monomial curves and existence of negative curves},
  author={Kazuhiko Kurano and Naoyuki Matsuoka},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
Equations of negative curves of blow-ups of Ehrhart rings of rational convex polygons
Some necessary and sufficient condition for finite generation of symbolic Rees rings
. Consider the blow-up Y of a weighted projective plane at a point in the open orbit over a field of characteristic 0. We assume that there exists a curve C on Y such that C 2 < 0 and C.E = 1, where E
Symbolic blowup algebras and invariants of certain monomial curves in an affine space
Abstract Let and be integers such that Let be the defining ideal of the monomial curve in parametrized by where for all In this paper, we describe the symbolic powers for all As a consequence, we
Asymptotic regularity of powers of ideals of points in a weighted projective plane
In this paper we study the asymptotic behavior of the regularity of symbolic powers of ideals of points in a weighted projective plane. By a result of Cutkosky, Ein and Lazarsfeld, regularity of such
Negative curves in blowups of weighted projective planes
We study the Mori dream space property for blowups at a general point of weighted projective planes or, more generally, of toric surfaces with Picard number one. Such a variety is a Mori dream space
Multiplicities of Monomial Space Curves with Non-Noetherian Symbolic Blowups
We study the multiplicities of space monomial curves with non-Noetherian symbolic blowups. We extend the celebrated examples of Goto, Nishida, and Watanabe, as well as introduce a new family of
The geography of negative curves
We study the Mori Dream Space (MDS) property for blowups of weighted projective planes at a general point and, more generally, blowups of toric surfaces defined by a rational plane triangle. The
Curves generating extremal rays in blowups of weighted projective planes
We consider blowups at a general point of weighted projective planes and, more generally, of toric surfaces with Picard number 1. We give a unifying construction of negative curves on these blowups
Non-existence of negative curves
Let X be a projective toric surface of Picard number one blown up at a general point. We bring an infinite family of examples of such Xwhose Kleiman-Mori cone of curves is not closed: there is no
On intrinsic negative curves
Let K be an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0. A curve of (K∗)2 arising from a Laurent polynomial in two variables is intrinsic negative if its tropical compactification has negative


Generators and relations of abelian semigroups and semigroup rings
The object of this paper is the study of the relations of finitely generated abelian semigroups. We give a new proof of the fact that each such semigroup S is finitely presented. Moreover, we show
Let A = k[[X, Y, Z]] and k[[T]] be formal power series rings over a field k , and let n > 4 be an integer such that n ^ 0 mod 3 . Let cp:A —* fc[[T]] denote the homomorphism of k-algebras defined by
A prime ideal in a polynomial ring whose symbolic blow-up is not Noetherian
Let R be the polynomial ring k[ X, Y, Z] localized at the maximal ideal M = (X, Y, Z). We construct a prime ideal P in R which is equal to the ideal of m generic lines through the origin modulo M",
Symbolic algebras of monomial primes.
Determination of when symbolic algebras are finitely generated is central to commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. One of the simplest non-trivial classes of examples, which are not divisorial,
Non-Cohen-Macaulay symbolic blow-ups for space monomial curves
Let p = p(n1, n2, n3) denote the prime ideal in the formal power series ring A = k[[X, Y, Z]] over a field k defining the space monomial curve X = Tn1, Y = Tn2, and Z = Tn3 with GCD(nl, n2, n3) = 1.
Mori dream spaces and GIT.
The main goal of this paper is to study varieties with the best possible Mori theoretic properties (measured by the existence of a certain decomposition of the cone of effective divisors). We call
Classical setting : line bundles and linear series
Notation and Conventions.- One: Ample Line Bundles and Linear Series.- to Part One.- 1 Ample and Nef Line Bundles.- 2 Linear Series.- 3 Geometric Manifestations of Positivity.- 4 Vanishing Theorems.-
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