On event-by-event fluctuations in nuclear collisions

  title={On event-by-event fluctuations in nuclear collisions},
  author={Marek Gazdzicki and Andrei V. Leonidov and G. Roland},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields},
Abstract. We demonstrate that a new type of analysis in heavy-ion collisions, based on an event-by-event analysis of the transverse momentum distribution, allows us to obtain information on secondary interactions and collective behaviour that is not available from the inclusive spectra. Using a random walk model as a simple phenomenological description of initial state scattering in collisions with heavy nuclei, we show that the event-by-event measurement allows a quantitative determination of… 

On transverse momentum event–by–event fluctuations in string hadronic models

Abstract. Transverse momentum event–by–event fluctuations are studied within the string–hadronic model of high energy nuclear collisions, LUCIAE. Data on non–statistical $p_T$ fluctuations in p+p

On the early stage of nucleus-nucleus collisions

A statistical model of the early stage of central nucleus–nucleus (A+A) collisions is developed. We suggest a description of the confined state with several free parameters fitted to a compilation of

Event-wise (Pt) fluctuations in Au-Au collisions at root sNN=130 GeV

We present the first large-acceptance measurement of event-wise mean transverse momentum fluctuations for Au-Au collisions at nucleon-nucleon center-of-momentum collision energy root s(NN) = 130 GeV.

Transverse momentum versus multiplicity fluctuations in high-energy nuclear collisions

We discuss recently measured event-by-event fluctuations of transverse momentum and of multiplicity in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. It is shown that the nonmonotonic behavior of the p{sub T}

Event-by-Event pseudorapidity fluctuation analysis: An outlook to multiplicity and phase space dependence

Abstract.A detailed study of Event-by-Event pseudorapidity fluctuation of the pions produced in 16O -AgBr interactions at 60A GeV and 32S -AgBr interactions at 200A GeV has been carried out in terms

Probes of collective behavior of dense hadronic matter

Collective transverse flow in the central rapidity region of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions is described briefly. The effects of flow on transverse momentum spectra are discussed with special

Equation of state, radial flow, and freeze-out in high energy heavy ion collisions

We have shown that recent experimental data on radial flow, both from AGS and SPS energies, are in agreement with the Equation of State (EOS) including the QCD phase transition. New hydro-kinetic

Equation of State

The use of plane shock waves to determine the equations of state of condensed materials to very high pressure began in 1955 with the classic papers of Walsh and Christian (1955) and Bancroft et al.

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