On errors-in-variables for binary regression models

  title={On errors-in-variables for binary regression models},
  author={Raymond J. Carroll and Clifford H. Spiegelman and K. K. Gordon Lan and Kent Bailey and Robert D Abbott},
SUMMARY We consider binary regression models when some of the predictors are measured with error. For normal measurement errors, structural maximum likelihood estimates are considered. We show that if the measurement error is large, the usual estimate of the probability of the event in question can be substantially in error, especially for high risk groups. In the situation of large measurement error, we investigate a conditional maximum likelihood estimator and its properties. 

Errors-in-variables regression using estimated latent variables

This note considers a method for estimating regression parameters from the data containing measurement errors using some natural estimates of the unobserved explanatory variables. It is shown that

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On the Maximum Likelihood Estimate for Logistic Errors-in-Variables Regression Models.

Abstract : Maximum likelihood estimates for errors-in-variables models are not always root-N consistent. We provide an example of this for logistic regression. (Author)

A Simulation Study of Measurement Error Correction Methods in Logistic Regression

It is shown that the regression calibration method is a very good alternative to more mathematically sophisticated methods in this situation, and the naive estimator is the result of simply ignoring the fact that some of the explanatory variables are measured with error.

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Repeated Probit Regression When Covariates Are Measured With Error

A model for repeated binary regression when a covariate is measured with error, where a linear mixed model is used to fit the repeated covariate and a model for the correlated binary responses conditional on thelinear mixed model estimates is fit to the repeated binary data using generalized estimating equations.



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Abstract This article investigates the effect of misclassification and measurement error in the basic data on the asymptotic bias and efficiency of the logistic regression (LR) and normal

Effects of approximation in exposure assessments on estimates of exposure- response relationships.

In the present report a procedure is described for reducing the bias due to random error in the estimated exposure-response relationship from a cohort mortality study, based on a mechanism for adjusting exposure assessments, taking into account the distribution of exposures, and the independently estimated distribution of measurement errors.

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The bootstrap, which is an elaboration of the jackknife, provides a general method for answering questions about the parameters of an unknown distribution when the data is subject to right censoring.

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The implications of blood pressure variability for clinical and screening purposes.

Predicting coronary heart disease in middle-aged and older persons. The Framington study.

Of 1,025 men and 1,445 women, aged 49 to 82 years, who were free of coronary heart disease (CHD), 79 men and 63 women subsequently had CHD, and predictability was at least as good as that obtained by the usual CHD risk profile at younger ages.

Introduction and General

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