On equivalence of Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau and Klein-Gordon equations

  title={On equivalence of Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau and Klein-Gordon equations},
  author={Vladimir Ya. Fainberg and Bruto Max Pimentel},
  journal={Brazilian Journal of Physics},
A strict proof of equivalence between Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau (DKP) and Klein-Gordon (KG) theories is presented for physical S-matrix elements in the case of charged scalar particles interacting in minimal way with an external or quantized electromagnetic field. First, Hamiltonian canonical approach to DKP theory is developed in matrix form. The theory is then quantized through the construction of the generating functional for Green functions (GF) and the physical matrix elements of S-matrix are… 

Interacting Spin 0 Fields with Torsion via Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau Theory

Here we study the behaviour of the spin 0 sector of the DKP field in spaces with torsion. First we show that in a Riemann-Cartan manifold the DKP field presents an interaction with torsion when

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We consider massive spin 1 fields, in Riemann-Cartan space-times, described by Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau theory. We show that this approach induces a coupling between the spin 1 field and the space-time

The explicit relation between the DKP equation and the Klein-Gordon equation

DKP equation describes spin-0 and spin-1 relativistic particles. Many researchers have been interested in the DKP  equation. In this work, we give an explicit relation between the DKP and the KG

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This work deals with the Duffin–Kemmer–Petiau (DKP) field theory. The structure of the wave functions is analyzed for the scalar and vector sectors for particles with spin 0 and spin 1. The finite ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Galilean covariance and the Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau equation

We use a five-dimensional approach to Galilean covariance to investigate the non-relativistic Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau first-order wave equations for spinless particles. The corresponding representation


field theory. Our goals are to obtain a non-effective and mathematically well defined theory for SQED-DKP, at the same time recovering the results of the effective theory already obtained in the

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