On distance two graphs of upper bound graphs


For a poset P = (X,≤), the upper bound graph (UB-graph) of P is the graph U = (X, EU ), where uv ∈ EU if and only if u 6= v and there exists m ∈ X such that u, v ≤ m. For a graph G, the distance two graph DS2(G) is the graph with vertex set V (DS2(G)) = V (G) and u, v ∈ V (DS2(G)) are adjacent if and only if dG(u, v) = 2. In this paper, we deal with… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.disc.2010.05.019

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@article{Ogawa2010OnDT, title={On distance two graphs of upper bound graphs}, author={Kenjiro Ogawa and Satoshi Tagusari and Morimasa Tsuchiya}, journal={Discrete Mathematics}, year={2010}, volume={310}, pages={3276-3277} }