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On discrete generalized nabla fractional sums and differences

  title={On discrete generalized nabla fractional sums and differences},
  author={Pshtiwan Othman Mohammed and Thabet Abdeljawad and Faraidun Kadir Hamasalh},
This article investigates a class of discrete nabla fractional operators by using the discrete nabla convolution theorem. Inspired by this, we define the discrete generalized nabla fractional sum and differences of Riemann-Liouville and Caputo types. In the process, we give a relationship between the generalized discrete delta fractional operators introduced by Ferreira [12] and the proposed discrete generalized nabla fractional operators via the dual identities. Also, we present some test… 



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THABET ABDELJAWADa,b ,FAHD JARAD c,b,∗ , ABDON ATANGANA d , PSHTIWAN OTHMAN MOHAMMED e Department of Mathematics and General Sciences, Prince Sultan University P. O. Box 66833, 11586 Riyadh, Saudi

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