On dimensions of ecological economics

  title={On dimensions of ecological economics},
  author={Giovanni Baiocchi},
  journal={Ecological Economics},
  • G. Baiocchi
  • Published 1 March 2012
  • Economics
  • Ecological Economics

On the Normalization of Dimensioned Variables in Ecological Economics

The fundamental concern of ecological economics is to accurately model all aspects of the economy–ecosystem interaction problem — the myriad ways in which the economic and ecological systems are

On the Normalization of Dimensioned Variables

We attempt to resolve the central dispute in recent debates on dimensional consistency of economic and ecological variables in ecological economics (Mayumi and Giampietro, 2010; Malghan, 2011;

Dimensional Analysis in Economics: A Study of the Neoclassical Economic Growth Model

The fundamental purpose of the present research article is to introduce the basic principles of dimensional analysis in the context of the neoclassical economic theory, in order to apply such


The fundamental purpose of the present paper is to introduce the ba­sic principles of Dimensional Analysis in the context of the economic theory, in order to apply such principles to the fundamental

Cause-effect analysis for sustainable development policy

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations (UN) set a new direction for development covering the environmental, economic, and social pillars. Given the complex and

Scientific versus statistical modelling: a unifying approach.

This paper addresses two fundamental features of quantities modeled and analysed in statistical science, their dimensions (e.g. time) and measurement scales (units). Examples show that subtle issues

Integration of solar dryer technologies in high value herbal crops production for Malaysia: pathway for a sustainable future

This paper embarks on the evolution of green economy approach to support the increasing food commodity expenses by adapting Solar Photovoltaic (PV) as the suitable renewable energy technology for

Economia ecológica, desenvolvimento alternativo e decrescimento: proposição de uma matriz de convergência

Um dos principais problemas decorrente dos atuais modos de relacoes sociais politicas e economicas tem sido o incremento das desigualdades, do individualismo, da competicao e do consumismo pautados

Dimensional Analysis in Statistical Modelling

The invariance principle is extended to encompass the Bayesian paradigm, thereby enabling an assessment of model uncertainty and covering topics not ordinarily seen in statistical science regarding dimensions, scales, and units of quantities in statistical modelling.

Draft Cause-effect analysis for sustainable development policy



Ecological Economics: Principles And Applications

Conventional economics is increasingly criticized for failing to reflect the value of clean air and water, species diversity, and social and generational equity. By excluding biophysical and social

Some considerations on a class of macro-economic production functions

SummaryIt is demonstrated that dimensional analysis can be a tool in investigating the properties of a production function. First, the economic implications of the CES Function are shown. Secondly,

Political Institutions and Pollution Control

This paper models the selection of environmental policies under authoritarian and democratic regimes, and tests the hypothesis that political institutions systematically affect the enactment of

Between estimates of the emissions-income elasticity

On the interpretation of coefficients in multiplicative-logarithmic functions: a reconsideration

This paper shows that previous arguments about the problems in interpreting the coefficients in multiplicative-logarithmic functions, derived from an arbitrary rebasing of the series, are incorrect.

Dimensional Analysis and the Interpretation of Regression Coefficients

  • C. Johnson
  • Economics
    Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • 1972
One of the most vexing areas of business finance is empirical validation of theory. Many problems arise that the investigator cannot avoid. The purpose of this paper is to define a class of problems

On dimensional analysis

Comments are made upon aspects of dimensional analysis illustrating matters such as the distinction in a definition between a quantity and its measure and the effect upon formulation of the analysis

Dimensional analysis in mathematical biology I. General discussion

Dimensional analysis is discussed from the viewpoint of its basic group properties and shown to be an algebraic Abelian group that is useful for analysis of physical measurements. The application of