On diagonal quantum channels

  title={On diagonal quantum channels},
  author={Amir R. Arab},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
  • Amir R. Arab
  • Published 31 October 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Quantum Physics
In this paper we study diagonal quantum channels and their structure by proving some results and giving most applicable instances of them. Firstly, it is shown that action of every diagonal quantum channel on pure state from computational basis is a convex combination of pure states determined by some transition probabilities. Finally, by using the Cholesky decomposition it is presented an algorithmic method to find an explicit form for Kraus operators of diagonal quantum channels. 


On classical capacity of Weyl channels
  • G. Amosov
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Quantum Inf. Process.
  • 2020
The additivity of minimal output entropy is proved for the Weyl channel obtained by the deformation of a q-c Weyl channel. The classical capacity of channel is calculated.
Generalizations of 2-Dimensional Diagonal Quantum Channels with Constant Frobenius Norm
  • I. Sergeev
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Reports on Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
We introduce the set of quantum channels with constant Frobenius norm, the set of diagonal channels and the notion of equivalence of one-parameter families of channels. First, we show that allExpand
Quantum Systems, Channels, Information: A Mathematical Introduction
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André-Louis Cholesky, mathematician, topographer and army officer , Birkhäuser
  • 2014
Tournès: André-Louis Cholesky, mathematician, topographer and army officer
  • Birkhäuser, Springer International Publishing,
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  • 2012
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