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On deciding the existence of perfect entangled strategies for nonlocal games

  title={On deciding the existence of perfect entangled strategies for nonlocal games},
  author={L. Mancinska and D. Roberson and A. Varvitsiotis},
  • L. Mancinska, D. Roberson, A. Varvitsiotis
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • First, we consider the problem of deciding whether a nonlocal game admits a perfect entangled strategy that uses projective measurements on a maximally entangled shared state. Via a polynomial-time Karp reduction, we show that independent set games are the hardest instances of this problem. Secondly, we show that if every independent set game whose entangled value is equal to one admits a perfect entangled strategy, then the same holds for all symmetric synchronous games. Finally, we identify… CONTINUE READING
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