On decay of correlations in Anosov flows

  title={On decay of correlations in Anosov flows},
  author={Dmitry Dolgopyat},
  journal={Annals of Mathematics},
  • D. Dolgopyat
  • Published 1 March 1998
  • Mathematics
  • Annals of Mathematics
There is some disagreement about the meaning of the phrase 'chaotic flow.' However, there is no doubt that mixing Anosov flows provides an example of such systems. Anosov systems were introduced and extensively studied in his classical memoir ([A]). Among other things he proved the following fact known now as Anosov alternative for flows: Either every strong stable and strong unstable manifold is everywhere dense or the flow gt is a suspension over an Anosov diffeomorphism by a constant roof… 
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We prove the existence of an SRB measure and the exponential decay of correlations for smooth observables for mixing Anosov C 1+ diie-ormorphisms on a d-dimensional (d 2) Riemannian manifold. The
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The upper bound on the exponential decay of the correlation functions universally depends on the value of a system entropy, which allows to define the decorrrelation and relaxation times of a C-system in terms of its entropy and characterise the statistical properties of a broad class of dynamical systems, including pseudorandom number generators and gravitational systems.
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The hyperbolic Anosov C-systems have an exponential instability of their trajectories and as such represent the most natural chaotic dynamical systems. The C-systems defined on compact surfaces of
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Uniformly hyperbolic dynamics (Axiom A) have “sensitivity to initial conditions” and manifest “deterministic chaotic behavior”, e.g. mixing, statistical properties etc. In the 1970, David Ruelle,
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We develop Markov approximations for very general suspension flows. Based on this, we obtain a stretched exponential bound on time correlation functions for 3-D Anosov flows that verify ‘uniform
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*Dedicated to Micheline Ishay I would like to thank P. Boyland, L. Chierchia, V. Donnay, G. De Martino, C. Gole, J. L. Lebowitz, M. Lyubich, M. Rychlik, I. G. Schwarz, S. Vaienti and especially G.
An analogue of the prime number theorem for closed orbits of Axiom A flows
For an Axiom A flow restricted to a basic set we extend the zeta function to an open set containing W(s) > h where h is the topological entropy. This enables us to give an asymptotic formula for the
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In this work we construct a Markov partition for transitive Anosov flows, such that the measure of the boundary of the partition is zero. Symbolic dynamics for these flows is also developed.
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Etant donne un flot d'axiome A sur M et des fonctions lisses B, C:M→R, on montre que la fonction de correlation en temps ρ BC pour un etat de Gibbsη a une transformee de Fourier ρ^ BC mesomorphe dans
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