On cyclic DNA codes over the rings Z_{4}+wZ_{4} and Z_{4}+wZ_{4}+vZ_{4}+wvZ_{4}

  title={On cyclic DNA codes over the rings Z\_\{4\}+wZ\_\{4\} and Z\_\{4\}+wZ\_\{4\}+vZ\_\{4\}+wvZ\_\{4\}},
  author={Abdullah Dertli and Yasemin Cengellenmis},
The structures of cyclic DNA codes of odd length over the finite rings R=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}, w^{2}=2 and S=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}+vZ_{4}+wvZ_{4},w^{2}=2,v^{2}=v,wv=vw are studied. The links between the elements of the rings R, S and 16 and 256 codons are established, respectively. Cyclic codes of odd length over the finite ring R satisfies reverse complement constraint and cyclic codes of odd length over the finite ring S satisfy reverse constraint and reverse complement constraint are studied. Binary images… 
On the Skew Cyclic Codes and the Reversibility Problem for DNA 4-Bases
The reversible DNA codes are obtained, by using the skew cyclic codes whose generator polynomials satisfy some conditions, and the reversibility problem for DNA 4-bases can be solved.
On DNA Codes using the Ring Z4 + wZ4
This work establishes a one to one correspondence, between the elements of the ring $R$ and all the DNA words of length 2, by defining a distance preserving Gau map $\phi$.
Reversible DNA codes from skew cyclic codes over a ring of order 256
The reversibility problem for DNA 4-bases is solved and the skew cyclic codes are used to construct reversible DNA codes.
The Art of DNA Strings: Sixteen Years of DNA Coding Theory
This work surveys this interesting area of DNA coding theory by providing key ideas of the area and current known results.


On cyclic DNA codes over the Ring $\Z_4 + u \Z_4$
The theory for constructing DNA cyclic codes of odd length over $\Z_4[u]/\langle u^2 \rangle$ which play an important role in DNA computing are studied.
New DNA Cyclic Codes over Rings
The Lee weight, the Gray map over the ring $R$ as well as the binary image of the cyclic DNA codes allowing the transfer of studying DNA codes into studying binary codes to extend the notion of the edit distance to the ring £R which is useful for the correction of the insertion, deletion and substitution errors.
On cyclic DNA codes
The hybridization energy and additive distance are shown to be functions of the neighborhood energy.
Cyclic DNA codes over the ring F2[u]/(u2-1) based on the deletion distance
Similarity Cyclic DNA Codes over Rings
A special type of cyclic codes called cyclic DNA codes are constructed over the ring R = {0, 1, u, u + 1} where u2 = 1.
Construction of cyclic codes over 𝔽2+u𝔽2 for DNA computing
An infinite family of BCH DNA codes is constructed derived from cyclic reverse-complement codes over the ring F2 + uF2 with u 2 = 0 for use in DNA computing applications.
Construction of cyclic codes over GF(4) for DNA computing
Lifted polynomials over F16 and their applications to DNA codes
A new family of polynomials is introduced which generates reversible codes over a finitefield with sixteenelements(F16 orGF(16)).
On the codes over the Z4+wZ4; Self dual codes, Macwilliams identities, Cyclic, constacyclic and quasi-cyclic codes, their skew codes
  • Int. J. of Foundations of Computer Science,
  • 2016
Codes over F4+vF4 and some DNA applications