On convergence of infinite matrix products

  title={On convergence of infinite matrix products},
  author={Olga Holtz},
  journal={Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra},
  • Olga Holtz
  • Published 27 December 2005
  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra
A necessary and sufficient condition for the convergence of an infinite right product of matrices of the form A := [ I B 0 C ] , with (uniformly) contracting submatrices C, is proven. 

Infinite Matrix Products and the Representation of the Matrix Gamma Function

The infinite matrix products are introduced including some of their main properties and convergence results and a limit representation of the matrix gamma function is provided.

Asymptotics and Sequential Closures of Continued Fractions and Generalizations

Given a sequence of complex square matrices, $a_n$, consider the sequence of their partial products, defined by $p_n=p_{n-1}a_{n}$. What can be said about the asymptotics as $n\to\infty$ of the

Stability of a Riccati equation arising in recursive parameter estimation under lack of excitation

  • A. Medvedev
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 2004
Convergence of the resulting dynamic system is implied by that of a linear time-varying difference matrix equation and the linear mapping associated with the system is shown to be a paracontraction with respect to a certain norm.

Stability of an windup prevention scheme in recursive parameter estimation

  • A. Medvedev
  • Mathematics
    42nd IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37475)
  • 2003
Stability properties of a recently suggested anti-windup algorithm for recursive parameter estimation are analyzed. Convergence of the resulting from recursion dynamic system is equivalent to that of

Dealing with project complexity by matrix-based propagation modelling for project risk analysis

Engineering projects are facing a growing complexity and are thus exposed to numerous and interdependent risks. In this paper, we present a quantitative method for modelling propagation behaviour in

An Integrated Framework for Risk Response Planning Under Resource Constraints in Large Engineering Projects

A quantitative framework of analysis for supporting decision making in project risk response planning is developed and studied and a genetic algorithm is used as a tool for choosing response actions and allocating budget reserves.

A Framework for the Modeling and Management of Project Risks and Risk Interactions

In this chapter, a four-phase framework for project risk management is proposed that not only deals with project risks in terms of their probability and impact, but also brings in the modeling of risk interactions.

Modeling and Analysing Propagation Behavior in Complex Risk Network : A Decision Support System for Project Risk Management,

Project risk management is a crucial activity in project management. Nowadays, projects are facing a growing complexity and are thus exposed to numerous and interdependent risks. However, existing

Changing Project Structure to Mitigate Its Complexity

This chapter highlights how interactions might play a critical role in the project behavior and change the understanding and thus the priorities that managers give to elements.


Les projets complexes se caracterisent par un certain nombre de phenomenes, comme des reactions non-lineaires ou chaotiques, des chaines de propagation et des boucles/cycles. Cela entraine pour la