On conceptual dichotomies and social oppression

  title={On conceptual dichotomies and social oppression},
  author={Dana Freibach-Heifetz and Gila Stopler},
  journal={Philosophy \& Social Criticism},
  pages={515 - 535}
This article aims to expose the philosophical and cultural mechanisms, which allow some forms of western religion (in this case mainstream Christianity) to join hands with western capitalism in the oppression of women and of the needy. Focusing on the example of the USA, this article claims that both mainstream Christian religion and capitalism perpetuate and entrench discrimination against women and the oppression of the needy through the use of the cultural/philosophical dichotomy between… 

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Concepts are the basic building blocks of all knowledge, while the strength of any societal project is dependent on the quality of those concepts. As two of the oldest geographical concepts still in

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Dymitrow, Mirek. 2017. Rural/urban redux. Conceptual problems and material effects. Publications edited by the Departments of Geography, University of Gothenburg, Series B, no. 129. Department of

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The Adolescent Family Life Act and the promotion of religious doctrine.

  • P. Donovan
  • Education
    Family planning perspectives
  • 1984
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All health care institutions that counsel or treat women who have been raped should offer EC themselves or should meaningfully refer women someplace where they can obtain it, but few Catholic hospitals fulfill this obligation.