On codimension-one vacua and string theory

  title={On codimension-one vacua and string theory},
  author={Salvatore Raucci},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},

Revisiting Dudas-Mourad Compactifications

Superstring theories in ten dimensions allow spacetime supersymmetry breaking at the string scale at the expense of controlled Minkowski backgrounds. The next-to-maximally symmetric backgrounds,

Dynamical Cobordism Conjecture: Solutions for End-of-the-World Branes

We analyze finite size solutions for a generalized $D$-dimensional Dudas-Mourad (DM) model featuring dynamical cobordism with neutral and charged end-of-the-world (ETW) defect branes. Confirming a

Tachyons and Misaligned Supersymmetry in Closed String Vacua

In a remarkable paper, Dienes discovered that the absence of physical tachyons in closed string theory is intimately related to oscillations in the net number of bosonic minus fermionic degrees of



On the stability of string theory vacua

Vacuum compactifications may suffer from instabilities under small perturbations or tunnel effects; both are difficult to analyze. In this paper we consider the issue from a higher-dimensional

On classical stability with broken supersymmetry

A bstractWe study the perturbative stability of four settings that arise in String Theory, when dilaton potentials accompany the breaking of Supersymmetry, in the tachyon-free USp(32) and U(32)

Supersymmetry breaking, brane dynamics and Swampland conjectures

  • I. Basile
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
We investigate interactions between branes of various dimensions, both charged and uncharged, in three non-supersymmetric string models. These include the USp(32) and U(32) orientifold projections of

On warped string vacuum profiles and cosmologies. Part II. Non-supersymmetric strings

We investigate the effects of the leading tadpole potentials of 10D tachyon-free non-supersymmetric strings in warped products of flat geometries of the type Mp+1× R × T10−p−2 depending on a single

Brane annihilation in non-supersymmetric strings

In this paper we study non-perturbative instabilities in Anti-de Sitter vacua arising from flux compactifications of string models with broken supersymmetry. In the semi-classical limit, these

Surprises in open string perturbation theory

AdS vacua from dilaton tadpoles and form fluxes

Time- and space-dependent backgrounds from non-supersymmetric strings