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On classes of graphs with strongly sublinear separators

  title={On classes of graphs with strongly sublinear separators},
  author={Zdenvek Dvovr'ak},
For real numbers c, ε > 0, let Gc,ε denote the class of graphs G such that each subgraph H of G has a balanced separator of order at most c|V (H)|1−ε. A class G of graphs has strongly sublinear separators if G ⊆ Gc,ε for some c, ε > 0. We investigate properties of such graph classes, leading in particular to an approximate algorithm to determine membership in Gc,ε: there exist c > 0 such that for each input graphG, this algorithm in polynomial time determines either that G ∈ Gc′,ε2/160, or that… Expand


Finding small balanced separators
This paper gives a randomized algorithm that finds an α-separator of size k in the given graph, unless the graph contains an (α+ε)-separators of size strictly less than k, in which case the algorithm finds one such separator. Expand
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It follows that for any fixed graph H, given a graph G with n vertices and with no H-minor one can approximate the size of the maximum independent set of G up to a relative error of 1/ √ log n in polynomial time, find that size exactly and solve any sparse system of n linear equations in n unknowns in time O(n). Expand
Reduced constants for simple cycle graph separation
If G is an n vertex maximal planar graph and δ≤1 3, then the vertex set of G can be partitioned into three sets A, B, C such that neither A nor B has weight exceeding 1−δ, and C is a simple cycle with no more than 2√n+O(1) vertices. Expand
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It is proved that if for some fixed 0 δ ≤ 1, every n -vertex graph of C has a balanced separator of order O ( n 1 − δ ) , then any depth- r minor obtained by contracting disjoint subgraphs of radius at most r of a graph in C has average degree O ( r polylog r ) 1 ∕ δ . Expand
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A Separator Theorem in Minor-Closed Classes
  • K. Kawarabayashi, B. Reed
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2010 IEEE 51st Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science
  • 2010
It is shown that for each t, there is a separator of size O(t \sqrt{n}) in any $n$-vertex graph G with no $K_t$-minor in any time, and an algorithm aspects of the separator theorem are discussed. Expand
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