On-chip three dimensional microcoils for MRI at the microscale.

  title={On-chip three dimensional microcoils for MRI at the microscale.},
  author={Vlad Badilita and Kai Kratt and Nicoleta Baxan and Mohammad Mohmmadzadeh and Tobias Burger and Hans Weber and Dominik von Elverfeldt and J{\"u}rgen Hennig and Jan G. Korvink and Ulrike Wallrabe},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={10 11},
We present for the first time a fully MEMS-integrated technology to manufacture 3D geometrically perfect solenoidal microcoils for microscale MRI applications. We report 25 microm isotropic resolution MR images of a copper sulfate aqueous phantom. These images are acquired using microcoils with 5 windings of insulated 25 microm diameter Au wire and with quality factors as high as 46 at the operating frequency (400 MHz). 
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