On-chip quantum interference between silicon photon-pair sources

  title={On-chip quantum interference between silicon photon-pair sources},
  author={Joshua W. Silverstone and Damien Bonneau and Kazuya Ohira and Nob Suzuki and Haruhiko Yoshida and Norio Iizuka and Mizunori Ezaki and Chandra M. Natarajan and Michael G. Tanner and Robert H. Hadfield and Val Zwiller and Graham D. Marshall and John G. Rarity and Jeremy Lloyd O'Brien and Mark G. Thompson},
  journal={Nature Photonics},
A silicon-on-insulator device combining two four-wave-mixing photon-pair sources in an interferometer with a reconfigurable phase shifter is used to create and manipulate non-degenerate or degenerate, path-entangled or path-unentangled photon pairs. A quantum interference visibility of nearly 100% is observed on-chip. This device is a first step towards fully integrated quantum technologies. 

Quantum correlated photon-pair generation in silicon waveguides with on-chip notch filtering of pump laser

We integrate a silicon waveguide spiral followed by on-chip cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometers(MZIs) on a single chip. The silicon waveguide generates photon pairs by spontaneous four-wave mixing

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We propose to leverage a silicon-organic hybrid integration structure to implement an integrated entangled photon pair source with high photon pair generation rate. This method combines the weak

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: Multi-photon interference in large multi-port interferometers is key to linear optical quantum computing and in particular to boson sampling. Silicon photonics enables complex interferometric

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We propose an on-chip source of entangled photon pairs that uses an arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) with multiple nonlinear input waveguides as correlated photon pair sources. The AWG

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High-efficiency grating couplers are used to combine bright and pure quantum light sources based on ppKTP waveguides with silicon circuits to verify genuine multi-photon interference by comparing the results against various models including partial distinguishability between photons.

Interference from Two-Photon Sources in Silica-on-Silicon Circuits at Telecom Wavelength

The integrated photonic chip is a promising way to realize future quantum technology. Here we demonstrate a two-photon interference in the standard telecommunication band on a silica-on-silicon

High-extinction ratio integrated photonic filters for silicon quantum photonics.

Incoherently cascaded lattice filters are used to provide over 100 dB pass-band to stop-band contrast with no additional external filtering and photon pairs generated in a microring resonator are successfully separated from the input pump.

On-Chip Quantum Interference from a Single Silicon Ring-Resonator Source

Here we demonstrate quantum interference of photons on a Silicon chip produced from a single ring resonator photon source. The source is seamlessly integrated with a Mach-Zehnder interferometer,

On-chip generation and demultiplexing of quantum correlated photons using silicon-silica monolithic waveguide platform

We demonstrate the generation and demultiplexing of quantum correlated photons on a chip. Photon pairs generated in a nonlinear silicon waveguide are successfully separated into two optical channels



Generation of polarization entangled photon pairs using silicon wire waveguide.

Using a nano-scale silicon wire waveguide placed in a fiber loop, 1.5-microm band polarization entanglement with two-photon interference visibilities of >83% is obtained.

Slow-light enhanced correlated photon pair generation in a silicon photonic crystal waveguide.

The generation of correlated photon pairs in the telecom C-band at room temperature from a dispersion-engineered silicon photonic crystal waveguide paves the way toward scalable quantum information processing realized on-chip.

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Precise control of single-photon states and multiphoton entanglement is demonstrated on-chip. Two- and four-photon entangled states have now been generated in a waveguide circuit and their

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Integrated quantum photonic waveguide circuits are a promising approach to realizing future photonic quantum technologies. Here, we present an integrated photonic quantum technology platform

A monolithically integrated polarization entangled photon pair source on a silicon chip

This work has implemented the first integrated polarization-entangled photon pair source as a simple and stable silicon-on-insulator photonic circuit that generates an entangled state with 91 ± 2% fidelity and is ready for the full-scale implementation of photonic quantum information systems on a chip.

High-fidelity operation of quantum photonic circuits

We demonstrate photonic quantum circuits that operate at the stringent levels that will be required for future quantum information science and technology. These circuits are fabricated from

Efficient generation of single and entangled photons on a silicon photonic integrated chip

We present a protocol for generating on-demand, indistinguishable single photons on a silicon photonic integrated chip. The source is a time-multiplexed spontaneous parametric down-conversion element

Generation of correlated photons in nanoscale silicon waveguides.

These measurements represent a first step towards the development of tools for quantum information processing which are based on CMOS-compatible, silicon-on-insulator technology.

Generating, manipulating and measuring entanglement and mixture with a reconfigurable photonic circuit

Researchers demonstrate a reconfigurable integrated quantum photonic circuit. The device comprises a two-qubit entangling gate, several Hadamard-like gates and eight variable phase shifters. The

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