On-chip electrophoretic accumulation of DNA oligomers and streptavidin.

  title={On-chip electrophoretic accumulation of DNA oligomers and streptavidin.},
  author={Martin Stelzle and Manfried D{\"u}rr and Michael Cieplik and Wilfried Nisch},
  journal={Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry},
  volume={371 2},
A micro-chamber for electrophoretic accumulation of charged biomolecules has been designed and evaluated. The system is based on a chip with an array of planar focusing electrodes. Particular attention was devoted to a design which enables penetration of a large sample volume by the electric field of the focusing electrodes. General design principles for a cylindrically symmetrical arrangement of the focusing electrodes were derived. Accumulation of DNA oligomers and streptavidin in aqueous… CONTINUE READING

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