On-chip connector valve for immunoaffinity chromatography in a microfluidic chip.


A miniature valve that operates between a chip port and a tube fitting was developed. The valve functions by means of a rotor, 3 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm in height, made of Teflon, with a 0.2-mm diameter hole at its center that is co-axial with the tube fitting. It also has a radial groove, 0.85 mm long, 0.2 mm wide, and 0.2 mm deep, at the bottom surface, starting at its center. The chip port and the tube fitting have an offset of 0.75 mm, and, thus, the rotation of the rotor can make an on and off connection between the chip port and the groove, which is connected to the tubing. The valve had a pressure resistance of at least 1.0 MPa. The on-chip valve can be placed in position by adding only a single part, a valve rotor, and no changes in the fabrication of the glass microchip are required. Since the valve functions as a part of a connector, we refer to it as an on-chip connector valve. Immunoaffinity chromatography of a fluorescence-labeled recombinant antibody fragment was carried out in a glass microchip using the valves.

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