On bipartite zero-divisor graphs

  title={On bipartite zero-divisor graphs},
  author={Dancheng Lu and Tongsuo Wu},
  journal={Discret. Math.},

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This paper answers a question of Lu and Wu: How can one characterize the zero-divisor graphs which contain no rectangles? We prove that a graph which contains no rectangles is the zero-divisor graph

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Let R be a commutative ring with identity and A(R) be the set of ideals with non-zero annihilator. The annihilating-ideal graph of R is defined as the graph AG(R) with the vertex set A(R)∗ = A(R)\{0}


Let R be a ring with unity and I(R)* be the set of all nontrivial left ideals of R. The intersection graph of ideals of R, denoted by G(R), is a graph with the vertex set I(R)* and two distinct

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In this paper, we determine bipartite graphs and complete graphs with horns, which are realizable as zero-divisor graphs of po-semirings. As applications, we classify commutative rings $R$ whose

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The rings considered in this article are commutative with identity which admit at least one nonzero proper ideal. Let R be a ring. Recall that the intersection graph of ideals of R, denoted by G(R),

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Let S be a (multiplicative) commutative semigroup with 0. Associate to S a (simple) graph G(S) with vertices the nonzero zero-divisors of S, and two distinct vertices x and y are adjacent if and only

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For a commutative ring R with identity, the annihilating-ideal graph of R, denoted 𝔸𝔾(R), is the graph whose vertices are the nonzero annihilating ideals of R with two distinct vertices joined by



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A nonempty simple connected graph G is called a uniquely determined graph, if distinct vertices of G have distinct neighborhoods. We prove that if R is a commutative ring, then Γ(R) is uniquely

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An undirected graph Γ(S) is associated to each commutative multiplicative semigroup S with 0. The vertices of the graph are labeled by the nonzero zero-divisors of S , and two vertices x,y are

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AbstractIn this paper, a new zero-divisor graph $\overline{\G}(S)$ is defined and studied for a commutative semigroup $S$ with zero element. The properties and the structure of the graph are studied;