On biorthogonal systems whose functionals are finitely supported

  title={On biorthogonal systems whose functionals are finitely supported},
  author={Christina Brech and Piotr Koszmider},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
We show that for each natural $n>1$ it is consistent that there is a compact Hausdorff space $K_{2n}$ such that in $C(K_{2n})$ there is no uncountable (semi)biorthogonal sequence $(f_\xi,\mu_\xi)_{\xi\in \omega_1}$ where $\mu_\xi$'s are atomic measures with supports consisting of at most $2n-1$ points of $K_{2n}$, but there are biorthogonal systems $(f_\xi,\mu_\xi)_{\xi\in \omega_1}$ where $\mu_\xi$'s are atomic measures with supports consisting of $2n$ points. This complements a result of… 

Large Irredundant Sets in Operator Algebras

Abstract A subset ${\mathcal{X}}$ of a C*-algebra ${\mathcal{A}}$ is called irredundant if no $A\in {\mathcal{X}}$ belongs to the C*-subalgebra of ${\mathcal{A}}$ generated by ${\mathcal{X}}\setminus

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We strengthen the property $\Delta$ of a function $f:[\omega_2]^2\rightarrow [\omega_2]^{\leq \omega}$ considered by Baumgartner and Shelah. This allows us to consider new types of amalgamations in

Points of support for closed convex sets

A point x0 of a closed convex subset K of a real Banach space X is called a point of support for K if there is a functional x* X* such that x*(xo) _ x*(x) for every x K and x*(xo) < x*(x’) for some


As a consequence of results by B. Jónsson [Jj], [J2], M. Morley and R. Vaught [MV](2), for every cardinal number « such that « = «£ (=2 {«" : /*<«})(3) there is a unique (up to Boolean isomorphism)

Uncountable constructions for B.A. e.c. groups and banach spaces

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Basic S and L

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We show that every Banach space X of density smaller that the Baire category number admits a quotient with a long Schauder basis that can be taken of length ω1 if X is not separable. So, assuming

Bases in Banach Spaces II

Vol. II. Chapter III. Generalizations of the Notion of a Basis.- 0. Banach spaces which do not have the approximation property.- I. Countable Generalizations of Bases.- 1. Basic sequences. Bibasic