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On asymptotic behavior of iterates of piecewise constant monotone maps

  title={On asymptotic behavior of iterates of piecewise constant monotone maps},
  author={Konstantin M. Khanin and Liying Li},
In this paper we study the rate of convergence of the iterates of i.i.d. random piecewise constant monotone maps to the time-1 transport map for the process of coalescing Brownian motions. We prove that the rate of convergence is given by a power law. The time-1 map for the coalescing Brownian motions can be viewed as a fixed point for a natural renormalization transformation acting in the space of probability laws for random piecewise constant monotone maps. Our result implies that this fixed… 
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An approximation of partial sums of independent RV'-s, and the sample DF. I
SummaryLet Sn=X1+X2+⋯+Xnbe the sum of i.i.d.r.v.-s, EX1=0, EX12=1, and let Tn= Y1+Y2+⋯+Ynbe the sum of independent standard normal variables. Strassen proved in [14] that if X1 has a finite fourth
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The approximation of partial sums of independent RV's
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Expansions and contractions of stochastic flows
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