On approximating functions of the singular values in a stream

  title={On approximating functions of the singular values in a stream},
  author={Y. Li and D. Woodruff},
  booktitle={STOC 2016},
  • Y. Li, D. Woodruff
  • Published in STOC 2016
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • For any real number <i>p</i> > 0, we nearly completely characterize the space complexity of estimating ||<i>A</i>||<sub><i>p</i></sub><sup><i>p</i></sup> = ∑<sub><i>i</i>=1</sub><sup><i>n</i></sup> σ<sub><i>i</i></sub><sup><i>p</i></sup> for <i>n</i> × <i>n</i> matrices <i>A</i> in which each row and each column has <i>O</i>(1) non-zero entries and whose entries are presented one at a time in a data stream model. Here the σ<sub><i>i</i></sub> are the singular values of <i>A</i>, and when <i>p… CONTINUE READING

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