On an approach to social perception.

  title={On an approach to social perception.},
  author={Abraham S. Luchins},
  journal={Journal of personality},
  volume={19 1},
  • A. Luchins
  • Published 1 September 1950
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality
Cross-modal Induction of Changes in Sensory Thresholds
The first experiment supports the hypothesis that threshold changes induced by emotional stimulation are mediated centrally, and an analysis of the effect in terms of the parameters of Signal Detectability Theory indicates that it is mediated by a lowering of the sensitivity of the detection mechanism.
Seeing the Expected, the Desired, and the Feared: Influences on Perceptual Interpretation and Directed Attention
Though people often believe their visual experiences reflect the objective state of the surrounding world, a wealth of recent evidence suggests that perceptions are systematically biased. We draw
Influence of Value-Strength on Perceptual Distortion
Research on interaction of personality and perception has shown that values, needs, interests and other autochthonous factors distort perceptions (3 , 8 ) . The degree of distortion varies with the
The Cognitive Control of Leveling-Sharpening and Acceptance of Interpersonal Violence in Adults
The cognitive performance of three groups of college students (N = 251, 135 males, 116 females) who differed in their attitudes toward accepting interpersonal violence were compared as they processed
The Effects of Priming-Induced Social Approach and Avoidance Goals on the Exploration of Goal-Relevant Stimuli An Eye-Tracking Experiment
This article presents an experiment testing the assumption that humans show clear avoidance reactions to possible nonbeneficial social contacts, even without conscious awareness. When the potential
A mediated intermedia conversation around the perception and self-perceptions of the San
An interactive media installation that seeks to provoke a public dialogue in which prevailing stereotypes of the San community are challenged, and past and current San related media reports are infused into the curated video dialogue.
Effects on Spatial Presence, Transportation, Flow, and Enjoyment
Dubbing and subtitling are the two most common methods of translating television broadcasts or movies. Both dubbing and subtitling may present specific advantages and disadvantages. In this study,
The referent of the frame of reference
Just as research has demonstrated that judgment and perception of objects and events are influenced by the frame of reference, we need to explore the precise relationship between the “view and point
Obersalzberg as a realm of experience on the quality of visitors' experiences at National Socialist places of remembrance
Purpose The paper aims to explore the array of individual experiences (initial reactions and impact and lasting impressions) relating to Obersalzberg, an authentic site of National Socialist
The Effect of Perceived Age on Initial Impressions and Normative Role Expectations
  • J. Lawrence
  • Psychology
    International journal of aging & human development
  • 1974
This study was an investigation of a new methodology which might be applied to measure the effect perceived age and stereotyping have on human interaction and found little investigation had been done with regard to the effect a person’s physical age appearance has upon these same reactions.


Emotionality and perceptual defense.
During the past decade, a number of experimental investigations have progressively revealed the so-called "dynamic," or motivational, aspects of perceptual behavior. No longer do we view perception
Personal values as selective factors in perception.
It is proposed that value orientation produces selective sensitization, lowering thresholds for acceptable stimuli and raising thresholds for unacceptable stimuli, and that value resonance keeps a person responding in terms of valued objects even before perception is certain.
The stimulus field in social psychology.