On a remarkable application of Cotes's theorem

  title={On a remarkable application of Cotes's theorem},
  author={John Frederick William Herschel},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={26 - 8}
  • J. Herschel
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
These theorems, however simple their algebraic expressions, it must immediately be seen, become for the most part complicated and unintelligible when geometrically enunciated. They are indeed (if we may in any case be allowed to consider a curve as unidentified with its equation_ properties rather of the equations of the conic sections, than of the curves themselves, -- of a limited number of disjoined points determined according to a certain law, rather than a series of consecutive ones… 
Charles Babbage as an algorithmic thinker
Evidence is presented to show that Babbage was consciously aware of at least some of the links to algebra and semiotics that connect his mathematical researches in functional equations with his work on mathematical tables and on calculating machines.
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SUMMARY An assessment is given of John Herschel's overall contributions to nineteenth century astronomy. John Herschel built on his pioneering father William Herschel's foundations, with revisions
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This paper presents a meta-analyses of the response of the immune response to carbon dioxide in response to the presence of nitrogen in the drinking water supply of Western Australia.
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Deep learning with YOLOv4 can enhance the detection of FPA, which can provide information with in-toeing, out- toeing, and rearfoot kinematics to evaluate the effect of physical therapy programs on knee pain and knee osteoarthritis.