On a reduction map for Drinfeld modules.

  title={On a reduction map for Drinfeld modules.},
  author={Wojciech Bondarewicz and Piotr Kraso'n},
In this paper we investigate a local to global principle for Mordell-Weil group defined over a ring of integers ${\cal O}_K$ of $t$-modules that are products of the Drinfeld modules ${\widehat\varphi}={\phi}_{1}^{e_1}\times \dots \times {\phi}_{t}^{e_{t}}.$ Here $K$ is a finite extension of the field of fractions of $A={\mathbb F}_{q}[t].$ We assume that the ${\mathrm{rank}}(\phi)_{i})=d_{i}$ and endomorphism rings of the involved Drinfeld modules of generic characteristic are the simplest… CONTINUE READING

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