On a new species of paraspidodera, P. uruguaya sp. n.

  title={On a new species of paraspidodera, P. uruguaya sp. n.},
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Paraspidodera uncinata (Nematoda, Lauroiinae) como parasita de Cavia magna e Cavia aperea (Rodentia, Caviidae) no Sul do Brasil
Das cinco especies de preas registradas para o Brasil, quatro ( Cavia fulgida , C. porcellus , C. aperea e C. magna ) ja foram registradas como hospedeiras de Paraspidodera uncinata. Os roedores C.
Paleoparasitological Analysis of Rodent Coprolites in Holocenic Samples from Patagonia, Argentina
The finding of Paraspidodera in Patagonian samples represents new evidence that strengthens the co-phylogenies between nematodes of this genus and Ctenomys and reinforces the value of parasites as tags in paleoparasitology.
Untersuchungen über die morphologie vorallem des „Lippenapparates” von Paraspidodera uncinata (Nematoda) aus dem meerschweinchen
  • Günther Osche
  • Biology
    Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Ökologie der Tiere
  • 2004
Die Intima des Ösophagus weist eine stark ausgebildete „Querleistenstruktur” auf, wie sie auch bei Heterakis spumosa aber a also bei dem Oxyuridengenus Syphacia nachgewiesen werden konnte.


The Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates
Y Yorke and Maplestone's book is actually a boiled-down library and museum combined, and makes possible an enormous amount of work in the far corners of the World which otherwise could not have been attempted, and will be the means of saving countless hours of tedious work for every investigator who interests himself in any phase of the study of nematodes which Evolves determination of genera.
A new genus of the Family tteterakidae l ~ ailliet u . Henry . 3 fem
  • J . of Hehninth .
  • 1866