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On a minimax theorem: an improvement, a new proof and an overview of its applications

  title={On a minimax theorem: an improvement, a new proof and an overview of its applications},
  author={Biagio Ricceri},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
  • B. Ricceri
  • Published 24 December 2016
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Functional Analysis
Theorem 1 of [14], a minimax result for functions $f:X\times Y\to {\bf R}$, where $Y$ is a real interval, was partially extended to the case where $Y$ is a convex set in a Hausdorff topological vector space ([15], Theorem 3.2). In doing that, a key tool was a partial extension of the same result to the case where $Y$ is a convex set in ${\bf R}^n$ ([7], Theorem 4.2). In the present paper, we first obtain a full extension of the result in [14] by means of a new proof fully based on the use of… 
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In this paper, we deal with a problem of the type $$\cases{(\phi(u'))'=\nabla_xF(t,u) & in $[0,T]$\cr & \cr u(0)=u(T)\ , \hskip 3pt u'(0)=u'(T)\ ,\cr}$$ where, in particular, $\phi$ is a
Applying twice a minimax theorem
Here is one of the results obtained in this paper: Let $X, Y$ be two convex sets each in a real vector space, let $J:X\times Y\to {\bf R}$ be convex and without global minima in $X$ and concave in
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In this very short paper, we provide a strong motivation for the study of the following problem: given a real normed space $E$, a closed, convex, unbounded set $X\subseteq E$ and a function $f:X\to
A remark on variational inequalities in small balls
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    Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis
  • 2020
In this paper, we prove the following result: Let $(H,\langle\cdot,\cdot\rangle)$ be a real Hilbert space, $B$ a ball in $H$ centered at $0$ and $\Phi:B\to H$ a $C^{1,1}$ function, with $\Phi(0)\neq
Minimax theorems in a fully non-convex setting
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    Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis
  • 2019
In this paper, we establish two minimax theorems for functions $f:X\times I\to {\bf R}$, where $I$ is a real interval, without assuming that $f(x,\cdot)$ is quasi-concave. Also, some related
Miscellaneous applications of certain minimax theorems. I
Here is one of the results of this paper (with the convention ${{1}\over {0}}=+\infty$): Let $X$ be a real Hilbert space and let $J:X\to {\bf R}$ be a $C^1$ functional, with compact derivative, such
N A ] 2 0 Fe b 20 20 A minimax approach for inverse variational inequalities
In this work, we characterize the existence of a solution for a certain variational inequality by means of a classical minimax theorem. In addition, we propose a numerical algorithm for the solution
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In this work, we shifted a recent multiplicity result by B. Ricceri from a Hilbert space to a Banach space setting by making use of a duality mapping relative to some increasing function. Using the
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Abstract We prove Hahn-Banach, sandwich and extension theorems for vector lattice-valued operators, equivariant with respect to a given group G of homomorphisms. As applications and consequences, we


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In this paper, we point out a very flexible scheme within which a strict minimax inequality occurs. We then show the fruitfulness of this approach presenting a series of various consequences. Here is
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A very general well-posedness result is proved for a class of constrained minimization problems of which the following is a particular case: Let X be a Hausdorff topological space and J, Phi: X be two non-constant functions such that J has sequentially compact sub-level sets and admits a unique global minimum in X.
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Nonlinear fredholm maps of index zero and their singularities
Let F: X -* Y be a C I Fredholm map of index zero between two Banach spaces. Defining the singular set B = (xlF'(x) is not suijective}, we study the local and global effect of B on the map F. In
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In this paper, we prove the following general result: Let X be a real Hilbert space and J : X → R a C 1 functional, with locally Lipschitzian derivative. Then, for each x 0 ∈ X with J'(x 0 ) ≠ 0,