On a method of making the wavelength of sodium light the actual and practical standard of length

  title={On a method of making the wavelength of sodium light the actual and practical standard of length},
  author={Albert Abraham Michelson and Edward W. Morley},
  journal={American Journal of Science},
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Subjectivity vs relativity
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    Rational Machines and Artificial Intelligence
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How Dirac's Seminal Contributions Pave the Way for Comprehending Nature's Deeper Designs
Credible reasons are presented to reveal that many of the lingering century old enigmas, surrounding the behavior of at least an individual quantum particle, can be comprehended in terms of an
Spatial mode multiplexing: from fundamental concepts to applications.
The theoretical demonstration that the best sensitivity for the measurement of small displacements of a beam – or of the distance between two incoherent beams – is reached when an intensity measurement is made on the Hermite-Gaussian mode basis is made.
High-Precision Spectroscopy of Forbidden Transitions in Ultracold 4He and 3He
We have measured the forbidden 2 S1 → 2 P1 transition at 887 nm in a quantum degenerate gas of metastable He atoms confined in an optical dipole trap. The determined transition frequency is 338 133
Special Theory of Relativity in South Korean High School Textbooks and New Teaching Guidelines
South Korean high school students are being taught Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. In this article, I examine the portrayal of this theory in South Korean high school physics textbooks and
Time and Relativity of Time in Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity
In 1905 Albert Einstein, in a paper entitled “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”, as a solution to the disagreement between classical mechanics and the results of the Michelson's experiment,
On a New and Novel Solution to Einstein's Famous Twin Paradox Without Invoking Accelerations of the Travelling Twin (Paper I)
This is the first instalment in a four part series, the aim of the work being to introduce absolute motion into Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (STR). In the traditional treatment of
Relativity and the Universe Gravitational Potential
This paper reconciles Mach’s Principle and General Relativity (GR) into a consistent, simple and intuitive alternative theory of gravitation. The important role played by the Universes ubiquitous