On a method for determining the neutretto mass

  title={On a method for determining the neutretto mass},
  author={Edward S. Ginsberg},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)},
SummaryThe proposal to obtain a limit on the neutretto mass from an observation of the high-energy end of the spectrum of one particle in a three-body decay of the type A→B + C+v is re-examined and an expression contained in the literature is corrected. Energy spectra for radiative pion decay are given as an illustration. Numerical results are presented for the decays π+→-μ++v+γ, Λ→p + μ-+v and K+→→0 + μ++v.RiassuntoSi riesamina il proposito di ottenere un limite alla massa del neutretto da un… CONTINUE READING