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On a family of strongly regular graphs with \lambda=1

  title={On a family of strongly regular graphs with \lambda=1},
  author={Andriy V. Bondarenko and Danylo V. Radchenko},
  journal={arXiv: Combinatorics},
In this paper, we give a complete description of strongly regular graphs with parameters ((n^2+3n-1)^2,n^2(n+3),1,n(n+1)). All possible such graphs are: the lattice graph $L_{3,3}$ with parameters (9,4,1,2), the Brouwer-Haemers graph with parameters (81,20,1,6), and the Games graph with parameters (729,112,1,20). 



On Moore Graphs with Diameters 2 and 3

The proof exploits the characteristic roots and vectors of the adjacency matrix (and its principal submatrices) of the graph to prove the existence of connected, undirected graphs homogeneous of degree d and of diameter k.

Caps and codes

  • R. Hill
  • Mathematics
    Discret. Math.
  • 1978

Strongly regular graphs

This chapter gives an introduction to these graphs with pointers to more detailed surveys of particular topics, as well as suggesting ways to improve the quality of these graphs.

Twelve Sporadic Groups

1. Background from General Group Theory.- 2. Assumed Results about Particular Groups.- 3. Codes.- 4. The Hexacode.- 5. The Golay Code.- 6. Subgroups of M24.- 7. The Ternary Golay Code and 2*M12.- 8.

The Geometry of Two‐Weight Codes

On etudie les relations entre les codes [n,k] lineaires a deux poids, les ensembles (n,k,h 1 h 2 ) projectifs et certains graphes fortement reguliers