On a duel with time lag and arbitrary accuracy functions

  title={On a duel with time lag and arbitrary accuracy functions},
  author={T. Kurisu},
  journal={International Journal of Game Theory},
  • T. Kurisu
  • Published 1991
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Game Theory
  • This paper deals with a two-person zero-sum game called duel with the following structure: Each of two players I and II has a gun with one bullet and he can fire his bullet at any time in [0, 1], aiming at his opponent. If I or II fires at timex, he hits his opponent with probabilityp (x) orq(x), respectively. The gun of I is silent, and hence, II does not know whether his opponent has fired or not, and the gun of II is noisy with time lagt, wheret is a positive constant,i.e., if II fires at… CONTINUE READING
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