On a conjectural filtration on the Chow groups of an algebraic variety

  title={On a conjectural filtration on the Chow groups of an algebraic variety},
  author={Jacob P. Murre},
  journal={Indagationes Mathematicae},
  • J. Murre
  • Published 1 June 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Indagationes Mathematicae
Filtrations on Chow Groups and Transcendence Degree
For a smooth complex projective variety X defined over a number field, we have filtrations on the Chow groups depending on the choice of realizations. If the realization consists of mixed Hodge
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In this paper we use Hodge theory to define a filtration on the Chow groups of a smooth, projective algebraic variety. Assuming the generalized Hodge conjecture and a conjecture of Bloch-Beilinson,
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The main result of this paper is the proof for elliptic modular threefolds of conjectures on the existence and structure of a filtration on the Chow groups of smooth projective varieties. In the form
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In this paper we investigate Murre's conjecture on the Chow-Kunneth decomposition for universal families of smooth curves over spaces which dominate the moduli space Mg, in genus at most 8 and show
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We compute explicitly the Chow motive of any generalized Kummer variety associated to any abelian surface. In fact, it lies in the rigid tensor subcategory of the category of Chow motives generated
  • Qingyuan Jiang
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    Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  • 2021
In this paper, we prove a decomposition result for the Chow groups of projectivizations of coherent sheaves of homological dimension $\le 1$ . In this process, we establish the
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Abstract We compute the rational Chow groups of supersingular abelian varieties and some other related varieties, such as supersingular Fermat varieties and supersingular $K3$ surfaces. These
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For a quasiprojective variety S, we define a category CHM(S) of pure Chow motives over S. Assuming conjectures of Grothendieck and Murre, we show that the decomposition theorem holds in CHM(S). As a
Chow-Künneth decomposition for some moduli spaces.
In this paper we investigate Murre’s conjecture on the Chow–Kunneth decomposition for universal families of smooth curves over spaces which dominate the moduli space Mg, in genus at most 8 and show


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Grothendieck's motives, as described in [Dem, K12, M a ] are designed as a tool to understand the cohomology of smooth projective varieties and the algebraic cycles modulo homological and numerical
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such that the /-adic realization of h (A) is H (A, Qt). Recall that Chow motives are obtained from the category of smooth projective varieties over a field by a construction of Grothendieck using äs
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0.1. The theory of motives has been created by Grothendieck in order to understand better — among other things — the underlying "objects" of the cohomology groups and to explain their common
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There is therefore little which is original contained in these pages. I have given a more or less complete proof of Murre’s result in §4, so as to make the comparison between the different
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Algebraic preliminaries Algebraic theory of specializations Analytic theory of specializations The geometric language Intersection-multiplicities (special case) General intersection-theory The
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