On a class of 4 D Kähler bases and AdS 5 supersymmetric Black Holes

  title={On a class of 4 D K{\"a}hler bases and AdS 5 supersymmetric Black Holes},
  author={Pau Figueras and Carlos A. R. Herdeiro and Filipe Correia},
We construct a class of toric Kähler manifolds, M4, of real dimension four, a subset of which corresponds to the Kähler bases of all known 5D asymptotically AdS5 supersymmetric black-holes. In a certain limit, these Kähler spaces take the form of cones over Sasaki spaces, which, in turn, are fibrations over toric manifolds of real dimension two. The metric on M4 is completely determined by a single function H(x), which is the conformal factor of the two dimensional space. We study the solutions… CONTINUE READING

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