On a Velamen-like Tissue in the Root Cortex of Orchids

  title={On a Velamen-like Tissue in the Root Cortex of Orchids},
  author={Barbara Burr and Wilhelm Barthlott},
  • Barbara Burr, Wilhelm Barthlott
  • Published 1991
  • Biology
  • Summary Roots of 34 species out of 19 genera of Orchidaceae showing a peculiar modification of the cortical tissue were investigated by light- and scanning electron microscopy. The root cortex of these orchids is built up partially or totally by living tracheoidal cells. They form an almost velamen-like tissue (pseudovelamen). The anatomy and some developmental aspects of this cortical modification are analyzed. Functionally the velamen-like cortex is not involved in the rapid absorption of… CONTINUE READING

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