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On a Multisymplectic Formulation of the Classical BRST symmetry for First Order Field Theories Part I: Algebraic Structures

  title={On a Multisymplectic Formulation of the Classical BRST symmetry for First Order Field Theories Part I: Algebraic Structures},
We describe a new algebraic multisymplectic formulation of the classical BRST symmetry. The analogue of Marsden-Weinstein reduction for multisymplectic manifolds is described. We then give a homological description of Multisymplectic Marsden-Weinstein reduction. 
On a Multisymplectic Formulation of the Classical BRST Symmetry for First Order Field Theories Part II: Geometric Structures
A geometric multisymplectic formulation of the classical BRST symmetry of constrained first-order classical field theories is described. To effect this we introduce graded analogues of the bundles
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This review paper is concerned with the generalizations to field theory of the tangent and cotangent structures and bundles that play fundamental roles in the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations