On a Method for Improving Impulsive Sounds Localization in Hearing Defenders


This paper proposes a new algorithm for a directional aid with hearing defenders. Users of existing hearing defenders experience distorted information, or in worst cases, directional information may not be perceived at all. The users of these hearing defenders may therefore be exposed to serious safety risks. The proposed algorithm improves the directional information for the users of hearing defenders by enhancing impulsive sounds using interaural level difference (ILD). This ILD enhancement is achieved by incorporating a new gain function. Illustrative examples and performance measures are presented to highlight the promising results. By improving the directional information for active hearing defenders, the new method is found to serve as an advanced directional aid.

DOI: 10.1155/2008/274684

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@article{Sllberg2008OnAM, title={On a Method for Improving Impulsive Sounds Localization in Hearing Defenders}, author={Benny S{\"a}llberg and Farook Sattar and Ingvar Claesson}, journal={EURASIP J. Audio, Speech and Music Processing}, year={2008}, volume={2008} }