• Mathematics
  • Published 2016

On a Generalized – Recurrent Finsler Space

  title={On a Generalized – Recurrent Finsler Space},
  author={Fahmi Yaseen Abdo Qasem and Saeedah Mohammed Saleh baleedi},
In the present paper, we introduced a Finsler space  whose Cartan’s fourth curvature tensor  satisfies the condition  14Kjkhi≠0,">  where  and  are non-zero covariant vectors field called recurrence vector. The space satisfying this condition will be called a generalized 14BK"> -recurrent space . The purpose of this paper is to obtain Berwald covariant derivative of first order for the h(v)-torsion tensor 14Hkhi">  and the deviation tensor 14Hhi"> , also to show that K- Ricci tensor 14Kjk… CONTINUE READING