On a Free-Choice Equivalent of a Petri

  title={On a Free-Choice Equivalent of a Petri},
  author={NetRamavarapu S. Sreenivas},
  • NetRamavarapu S. Sreenivas
  • Published 1997
A Petri net (PN) 2, 3] is said to be live if it is possible to re any transition from every reachable marking, although not necessarily immediately. In this paper we consider the issue of enforcing liveness in non-live PNs via supervisory control. Using a construction procedure , similar to that in reference 1], that converts an arbitrary PN into an equivalent member of a family of PNs called Free-Choice Petri nets (cf. section 7.2, 3]), we show there is a policy that enforces liveness in the… CONTINUE READING