On a Cahn–Hilliard system with convection and dynamic boundary conditions

  title={On a Cahn–Hilliard system with convection and dynamic boundary conditions},
  author={Pierluigi Colli and Gianni Gilardi and J{\"u}rgen Sprekels},
  journal={Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata (1923 -)},
This paper deals with an initial and boundary value problem for a system coupling equation and boundary condition both of Cahn–Hilliard type; an additional convective term with a forced velocity field, which could act as a control on the system, is also present in the equation. Either regular or singular potentials are admitted in the bulk and on the boundary. Both the viscous and pure Cahn–Hilliard cases are investigated, and a number of results are proven about existence of solutions… 
Global Existence for a Nonstandard Viscous Cahn-Hilliard System with Dynamic Boundary Condition
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  • P. Colli, T. Fukao
  • Mathematics
    Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications NoDEA
  • 2020
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