On Wheeler's delayed-choice Gedankenexperiment and its laboratory realization

  title={On Wheeler's delayed-choice Gedankenexperiment and its laboratory realization},
  author={Mirjana Bo{\vz}i{\'c} and Lephsa Vuskovic and Milo{\vs} Davidovi{\'c} and {\'A}ngel S. Sanz},
  journal={Physica Scripta},
We present an analysis and interpretation of the experiment performed by Jacques et al (2007 Science 315 966), which represents a realization of Wheeler's delayed-choice Gedankenexperiment. Our analysis is based on the evolution of the photon state, since the photon enters into the Mach–Zehnder interferometer (MZI) with a removable beam splitter until it exits. Given the same photon state incident on the output beam splitter BSoutput, the photon's state at the exit will be very different… 



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