On What There Will Be

  title={On What There Will Be},
  author={W. V. Quine},
  journal={Realisms Interlinked},
  • W. Quine
  • Published 1 February 1948
  • Philosophy
  • Realisms Interlinked
In this paper I begin by considering some remarks of Professor W. V. Quine’s on what he calls ‘the ontological problem’.1 Professor Quine holds that from the fact that a sign has meaning it does not, in general, follow either that there is anything that it stands for, or that there is anything that it denotes. This applies, in his view, not only to words like ‘red’ which are sometimes thought to stand for properties, but also to words like ‘Pegasus’ which are commonly regarded as names; for he… 

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Aristotle begins Book Γ of the Metaphysics in this way: “There is a science [epistēmē] which investigates being [to on] as being and the attributes which belong to this in virtue of its own nature”.1

Introduction : The Problem of Empty Representations

Expressions such as proper names (‘Neptune’), indexicals and demonstratives (‘I’, ‘that planet’), and perhaps definite descriptions in some of its uses (‘the planet over there’) are singular terms.1

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Ontology is the name of the philosophical discipline that provides answers about what there is. The view laid out in the paper, i.e. austere realism, is realistic in that it defends the existence of

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Russell was among the first to suggest that all existence statements should be analyzed by means of existential quantification, and so is often taken as a forerunner of the Quinean position that the


I provide an analysis of sentences of the form ‘To be F is to be G’ in terms of exact truth-maker semantics—an approach that identifies the meanings of sentences with the states of the world

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