On What There Will Be

  title={On What There Will Be},
  author={Willard van Orman},
  journal={Realisms Interlinked},
  • W. Orman
  • Published 2019
  • Realisms Interlinked
Second-Order Modal Logic
This dissertation develops an inferentialist theory of meaning by developing a theory of quantification as marking coherent ways a language can be expanded and modality as the means by which the authors can reflect on the norms governing the assertion and denial conditions of their language. Expand
Impossible Worlds
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In Defiance of "Cant": J.H. Prynne's Sub Songs
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On the possibility of a realist ontological commitment in quantum mechanics
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How do we Know Things with Signs? A Model of Semiotic Intentionality
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Logical Conversions
As I have argued elsewhere [10], and as summarized in the first two sections below, it turns out to be both logically and semantically revealing to acknowledge the existence of converse, orExpand
The Metaphysical Questions Every Project Practitioner Should Ask
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Questions of Ontology
Aristotle begins Book Γ of the Metaphysics in this way: “There is a science [epistēmē] which investigates being [to on] as being and the attributes which belong to this in virtue of its own nature”.1Expand
Sider’s Third Realm
Abstract Sider (2011; Writing the Book of the World. Oxford: Oxford University Press) argues it is not only predicates that carve reality at its joints, but expressions of any logical or grammaticalExpand